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Pure Botanicals is a beautiful wholistic health centre and retail store in Sydney’s Newtown, offering a diverse range of therapeutic services and products for all your health and lifestyle requirements.

Our intention at Pure Botanicals is to make health care easily accessible, affordable and supportive. We have done so by combining in-store health advice with a range of comprehensive clinical treatment options from massage and acupuncture, to hypnotherapy and energetic medicine. We have chosen a variety of practitioners who are all professionals in their chosen fields, offering you the best possible treatment outcomes.

How we work


The clinic itself looks after clients with chronic conditions, those who are dedicated to maintaining health or just for some simple relaxation and pampering. Call us with your enquiries and our staff will happily guide you towards the most appropriate therapy.

Over the Counter Care & Dispensary

The shop and dispensary acts as a drop-in point for basic health education and care. Naturopaths are available in-store 7 days a week offering short over-the-counter consultations for acute conditions or minor health concerns. Some we refer onto our clinic and others we make general prescriptions for such as herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, homeopathics or Bush Flower Essences. Our aim is to lead you in the direction of better health. So whether you have five minutes to drop in and ask a question or a couple of hours to spare, we can help. Sometimes even the smallest piece of information is enough to create change.

Product Range

Our retail store includes a range of handmade Pure Botanicals products that were created with our ethical philosophy in mind. All products are made from natural ingredients, are chemical and preservative free, plant based and most include medicinal herbs for added therapeutic benefit.

See our online store for more information about our products.

Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for any occasion! Come in personally or call us on (02) 9034-0555 and we can mail it for you.

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