Nutrition consultations provide education about individual nutritional requirements based on your current health status. A thorough case taking is conducted, including current and past health issues, lifestyle and daily diet habits which gives the practitioner clear understanding of areas of dietary deficiency.

You will learn about healthy food choices both in general and specific to your needs, ideas for meal planning and how to incorporate them into daily life, as well as behavioural modifications if necessary.

All Nutritional consultations at Pure Botanicals are conducted by naturopaths who are fully qualified in nutrition. This gives the added benefit of a very holistic view of nutrition and may occasionally include additional advice about herbal medicine to further improve your condition and support you holistically.

Who will benefit
Understanding your unique nutritional requirements is an important component of living a healthy, vital and long life, therefore everyone can benefit. More specifically though, those with ailments from poor nutrition or who have increased nutritional needs due to life demands should seek nutritional advice. We specialise in the following areas: 
        - Pregnancy and lactation 
        - Pre-conception care 
        - Vegetarian and vegan diets 
        - Arthritis 
        - Inflammatory conditions 
        - Childhood /adolescent nutrition 
        - Aged care 
        - Digestive disorders 
        - Food intolerances and allergies 
        - Blood sugar imbalances/ diabetes 
        - Detoxification 
What happens in a consultation?
Generally a consultation entails a period of case taking to determine any health imbalances and to gain a clear picture of you lifestyle. Then a dietary analysis is conducted based on daily and possible weekly dietary habits and recommendations are made based on identified deficiencies. Tongue, Iris and Nails may be examined also.

How long will treatment go for?
Initial consultations take up to 1 hour and a follow-up consultations usually 30-50 mins but may be longer depending on the specific circumstances. Follow-up consultations allow time to assess how initial recommendations went, whether adjustments are required and so additional suggestions can be made. 


Our team of Nutritionists are available Monday to Saturday. Initial consultations cost $95 and follow-ups $60. 

Private Health rebates available.

Please call the clinic on 9034-0555 to make an appointment.

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