"It was beautiful 1hr massage. The place was clean, and great massage with nice aroma made my whole body and mind so relaxed. The shop locates on busy King street but the massage rooms are well hidden from noise and it is very peaceful".

                                                                                Kaori Oki




"I've seen Rania who is very attentive and healing and insightful. The healings help a lot in calming and centering and the readings also create peace understanding and clarity where guidance, reassurance and listening helpfulness is required".

                                    Vijaya Sen





"I would strongly recommend to anyone the work of Hanh le Hoang (Connors Le) in the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Over the last few years I have had the good fortune to receive treatments from here that have been immensely helpful. I have required help with a lower back and groin problem that goes back over forty years. I have also needed to deal with sleeplessness, muscle overwork and lung issues from industrial work, severe tightness between the shoulder blades and some digestion problems. The first and strongest sense I got from Hanh was her focus, concentration and patient investigation. Her thoroughness leads her to use treatments that vary but always lead to feeling better and a sense of progress. Sometimes it might take a couple of days to sense the benefit, but every time I have felt Hanh has made very perceptive treatment decisions. Finally she is a very good listener and responds exactly to any needs or fears I might have. If I worry the treatment is too strong she is very responsive. At the same time she is very deliberate in her own thoughts and the more trust I put in her the better I do. I regard myself as very fortunate to have her as a medical practitioner".

                                                                                  Tim Burns





"Feeling amazing after an hour long pregnancy massage with Warren. Thank you for a great start to the day".

                                                 Claire Lennox





"Fabiola is excellent. A very powerful healer. An excellent session".

                                Frances Peck





"Far from the noisy crowd on King St, it was so peaceful to sit in a quiet, soothing space with warming tea and a magazine, both before and after a lovely relaxing massage from Renee. The relaxation lasted all night and gave me a deep sleep. Such a nurturing experience. Thankyou Pure Botanicals!"

                                                                                  Carol Green





"Thank you Sara MacInante, for yet another one of your amazing remedial massages. Your special technique for 'trigger points' literally melts the knots in my back & neck away... such relief! Highly competent, great vibe, atmosphere and holistic approach. I would highly recommend Sara".

                                                                 Nadia Ballantine-Jones







"Everyone is so friendly and kind. This is one of the best local massage place that I've been to. Definitely recommend Christine for a remedial".

                                                                       Berhard Reader





"Great knowledgeable staff. Sara is a great massage therapist and helped me through a back injury"

                                                                            Belle Malone




"I had a wonderful hot rock massage with Renee. It was a fantastic, relaxing experience. Renee took into consideration some issues I have with my spine and what I wanted from the massage to individualise her treatment. I would highly recommend it".

                                                                                     Jennifer Kidson